Curatr instructional videos

Curatr is an online platform for the exploration and curation of the 19th-century British Library Digital Corpus.

In this series of short instructional videos VICTEUR project researchers Gerardine Meaney, Derek Greene, Karen Wade, Briony Wickes and Lauren Cassidy give guided tours on how to use the Curatr platform.

What’s in the Collection? An Overview (Index, catalogue, authors)

We designed Curatr to help readers make use of the more than 35,000 English-language books which have been digitised as part of the British Library Digital Corpus. Curatr allows you to find texts that you’re interested in, curate and download collections of works, and explore them in a number of different ways. Here we provide a quick overview of what’s in the collection, and how to get started.

Dr Karen Wade

How to search using Curatr

There are around 12.3 million individual pages of text in the British Library Digital Corpus. In this video I will show you how you can start exploring this vast collection using Curatr’s search tools.

Dr Briony Wickes

Trends in the Catalogue NGram Viewer on Curatr

The Corpus NGram Viewer on Curatr generates an easy-to-read graph, which displays the frequency of all unique words in the corpus’ English language volumes. This video provides a quick overview of how to navigate the NGram Viewer function, and generate data.

Lauren Cassidy

Curatr: behind the scenes

In this short video I will guide you through Curatr’s functionality and how we developed it.

Dr Derek Greene, Co-Investigator on VICTEUR

Building Your Sub-Corpus (Lexicons, Corpora)

In this short video I will demonstrate how users can find what they want in the corpus, how they can identify lexical patterns and associations and export their own sub-corpus for their own research.

Professor Gerardine Meaney, Principal Investigator on VICTEUR