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The interpretability of the algorithmic process and the incorporation of domain knowledge are essential to the use of machine learning and text mining in the semantic analysis of literature. The absence of these factors can inhibit adoption of machine learning approaches to text mining in the humanities, due to issues of accuracy and trust in what is often regarded as a ‘black-box’ process.

Curatr supports a corpus curation workflow that addresses the requirements of scholars in the humanities who are increasingly working with large collections of unstructured text and facilitates the development of subcorpora from large digital collections.

Publishing boomed through the Victorian period, but away from the cheap populist market, books could be expensive luxury items. Catering for the aspirational and self-improvement market was George Mudie (1818–1890).

In 1842, Mudie charged students at the University of London an annual subscription to borrow books. This proved successful, and he expanded, founding Mudie’s Lending Library and Mudie’s Subscription Library to enable members of the public to do the same. Over the ensuing years he expanded into other cities such as York, Birmingham and Manchester.