Meet the Team

The research team at VICTEUR combines UCD’s strengths in cultural criticism and social network analysis, traditional humanities and new computational approaches, established and early stage researchers.

The project builds upon research undertaken at the UCD Centre for Cultural Analytics which provides a coherent research ecosystem for the digital humanities, develops support for ongoing collaboration, acts as a focus and host for international networks and an incubator for new projects in a rapidly developing and prestigious field.

Gerardine Meaney (PI)

Professor Gerardine Meaney is Principal Investigator on VICTEUR, Professor of Cultural Theory in UCD School of English, Drama and Film, and Director of UCD Centre for Cultural Analytics.

Derek Greene

Dr Derek Greene is Co-Investigator on VICTEUR, lecturer at UCD School of Computer Science, and a Funded Investigator at the SFI Insight Centre for Data Analytics and SFI VistaMilk Research Centre.

Karen Wade

Dr Karen Wade is Lecturer in Cultural Analytics in the School of English, Drama and Film. Her current research interests include 19th-century and Romantic-era fiction, social network analysis, gender, autobiography and life-writing, correspondence, linguistic landscape, & book history.

Maria Mulvany

Dr Maria Mulvany is an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of English, Drama and Film (2021-22) where she is currently working on a project provisionally entitled "Ghostly Fictions: Haunting, Trauma and Time in Contemporary Irish Historical Fiction".

Katie Mishler

Dr Katie Mishler is IRC Enterprise Partnership Postdoctoral Fellow. She was recently awarded funding Mapping Gothic Dublin: Historical and Literary Hauntings 1820-1900.

Claire Brophy

Dr Claire Brophy is ERC Fellow on the VICTEUR project. Research interests include gender and sexuality, 20th-century and 21st-century women's writing, and cultural theory.

Briony Wickes

Dr Briony Wickes is European Research Council Research Fellow on VICTEUR. Her research and teaching interests include nineteenth-century literature, the environmental humanities, and settler colonial studies.

Lauren Cassidy

Lauren Cassidy is a PhD student in UCD School of English, Drama and Film, and a research assistant on VICTEUR. Her research interests include contemporary Irish fiction, gender and sexuality studies, and cultural analytics.

Iulia Molnar

Iulia Molnar is an ERC-funded postgraduate research student at UCD’s School of English, Drama and Film. Her research interests tend to focus on intersectionality, women’s writing, postcolonial and migration studies.

Caylum O’Neill

Caylum O’Neill is a first year PhD student working as part of the VICTEUR project team. Caylum’s research interests at BA and MA levels have focussed predominately on themes of gender and sexuality in the works of James Joyce.