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May 2022

Curatr Workshop, (Edinburgh, 9 May)

Curatr Workshop: A new tool for analysing the British Library’s Corpus, in collaboration with Centre for Culture, Data and Society and IASH, University of Edinburgh. 

How can CURATR help researchers explore the BL’s 19th Century book collection.

The workshop demonstrated how the platform is being used by researchers on VICTEUR to identify and analyse the representation of European migrants in Victorian fiction.

You can watch videos of presentations and responses from the workshop here.

20 February 2019

Reading 35,000 Books

The UCD Contagion Project and the British Library Digital Corpus – Workshop & Roundtable

‘Reading 35,000 Books’ presented the work of the Contagion, Biopolitics, and Cultural Memory project to date. The event included discussion by scholars of nineteenth century literature and the British Library Labs of the future development and use of a new searchable interface, 

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