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Curatr is a Platform for Semantic Analysis and Curation of Historical Literary Texts

The increasing availability of digital collections of historical and contemporary literature presents a wealth of possibilities for new research in the humanities. The scale and diversity of such collections however, presents particular challenges in identifying and extracting relevant content.

Curatr is an online platform for the exploration and curation of literature with machine learning-supported semantic search, designed within the context of digital humanities scholarship. The platform provides a text mining workflow that combines neural word embeddings with expert domain knowledge to enable the generation of thematic lexicons, allowing researches to curate relevant sub-corpora from a large corpus of 18th and 19th century digitised texts.

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Nation, Genre and Gender

Combining literary and data science expertise, Nation, Genre, Gender maps and analyses social networks in Irish and English fiction, 1800-1922.

It explores how writers and readers have imagined the connections between people in their society and turned those connections into plots. The project, funded by the Irish Research Council, has completed work on 46 novels to date.

The project is a unique collaboration between researchers in literature and data analytics. The research team combines UCD’s strengths in cultural criticism and social network analysis.